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EPRA Journals policy is to obtain two reviews per paper. Stages are as follows;

Paper submitted by Author

Author receives Paper Index by Email & SMS

Screen by the Editor with Softwares

Primary Review by the Chief Editor an initial quality/relevance assessment - Revised/Reject (if necessary) 

Chief Editor selects reviewers who are experts in the field of your research problem

Invitation to Reviewers

Paper will be send to Reviewers for evaluation

Reviewers will review the paper and provide the comments (if any) to Chief Editor.

Reviewers will recommend that: Accepted/Revision/Rejected

If paper is Accepted without any modification, Publication Fee payment & Form submission


If Revision requires, Authors can make revisions according to the comments of reviewers.

Submission of Revised Paper

Chief Editor makes a publication decision based on the comments compared with   submitted paper.

Publication Fee payment & Form submission (Revision Authors) 


Possible Time frame for Peer Review process:-

Stage-1 to Stage   6: 1-2 days

Stage-7 to Stage   9: 3-4 days

Stage-10                (depends on time taken by author for payment & Form Submission)

Stage-11                As per given schedule

Stage-12                (depends on time taken by author for revision)

Stage-13 to Stage 14: 1-2 days

Stage-15                (depends on time taken by author for payment & Form Submission)

Stage-16                As per given schedule

Please note that the time frame mentioned is tentative and it may vary in some exceptional days.