Osagie E.K, Idiata D.J
1.Department of Civil Engineering, Edo state Polytechnic Usen, Edo state, Nigeria, 2.Department of Civil Engineering Technology, National Institute of Construction Technology & Management Uromi, Edo state, Nigeria.
The Autoclave Expansion Test was performed on six distinct cement types denoted as A, B, C, D, E, and F, exhibiting average expansion values of 5.57%, 3.33%, 6.17%, 2.23%, 3.52%, and 3.52%, correspondingly. The objective of this study was to evaluate the integrity of these cements and derive implications for their utilisation in construction endeavours. The findings demonstrate significant discrepancies in expansion values, which can be attributed to variations in the likelihood of delayed expansion and unsoundness. Type A demonstrated the highest mean expansion, implying a greater susceptibility to unsoundness, whereas Type D displayed the lowest expansion, indicating a higher level of stability and soundness. Types B, E, and F exhibited moderate expansion values, necessitating a judicious assessment of their suitability for particular construction requirements. The results emphasise the importance of utilising the Autoclave Expansion Test as a means of assessing the integrity of Portland cement. Cements with lower expansion values tend to exhibit improved stability and a decreased likelihood of delayed expansion, rendering them more favourable for applications that require enhanced durability. Nevertheless, it is imperative to exercise caution when dealing with higher expansion values, as they may have significant ramifications on the long-term structural integrity. This research provides significant contributions to the field of cement selection and application in construction, highlighting the significance of conducting a comprehensive evaluation that takes into account not only the soundness but also other crucial properties. The findings contribute to the facilitation of well-informed decision-making processes, thereby advocating for the utilisation of cement that is tailored to meet the unique demands of various construction endeavours.
Keywords: Construction Quality, Concrete Performance, Autoclave Expansion Test, Cement Soundness, Portland Cement
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Climate and Resource Economic Review (CRER)

Published on : 2023-11-20

Vol : 11
Issue : 8
Month : November
Year : 2023
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