Erkinboy Abdusattorov
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The article is devoted to the concept of strategic management of higher education. The work briefly analyzes basic theoretical aspects of strategic management at the university level. The development of higher education system in terms of knowledge-based economy requires to solve the whole set of the problems HEIs face, caused by rapidly changing environment. The author reviews the main aspects of the strategic management at HEIs, emphasizes to the need and objectives of the strategic management of universities. The author focuses on the basic stages of developing the strategy in order to enhance HEI’s performance and reaching its targets at each stage. The study concludes that the strategic management in higher education is more efficient, modern and flexible system, which enable the HEI to perform more competitively, broaden its potential and reach its goals.
Keywords: Strategy; strategic management; strategic planning of HEIs; competitive advantage; education market
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Climate and Resource Economic Review (CRER)

Published on : 2021-11-13

Vol : 9
Issue : 8
Month : November
Year : 2021
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