Dr. Vinod Sharma, Naresh Kumar, Ashok Kumar ,Rajesh Kumar
Associate Prof. in Sociology, GOVT College Baroh Kangra HP
Pawan Guru Pani Pita as the Punjabi quote depicts the necessity of water and its status that is equal to that of father. Our barest survival depends on the availability of air and water on mother earth yet our reckless behavior in using them has put availability of potable water on the verge of extinction. Not only the humanity but whole biosphere faces threat due to pollution of this precious resource. The present day concepts like sustainable development focus in developments with compromising the future of forth coming generations. The present study focuses on the multiple strategies which can be adopted for water conservation coupled with sustainable development.
Keywords: Pani Pita, Conservation, Biosphere, Sustainable Development
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Climate and Resource Economic Review (CRER)

Published on : 2022-08-22

Vol : 10
Issue : 5
Month : August
Year : 2022
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