Sruthi Dinesh, Prof. Y. Muniraju
Commerce Department, Mangalore University, Mangalore, Karnataka
Resilience of business organizations from the pandemic effect can lead to unsustainable practices which may cause catastrophes in the form of natural calamities. During pandemic also we have experienced acute environmental issues and they are expected to be continued in the post pandemic period as well. Environmental issues such as the climate change and biodiversity loss etc. can lead to social and economic damages more than those incurred by covid-19. To put it another way, a more resilient economy depends on a shift towards eco- friendly practices. Moreover, customers are also becoming more sensitive on environmental issues as they are facing severe problems year after year. All these persuade the business organizations to go green. One among the most badly affected industries during the pandemic, is the restaurant sector as it involves reasonably higher personal contacts and touch points that can easily transmit the virus from one to another. The social distancing and stay at home orders smashed the restaurant businesses. The comeback of restaurants seems to be very crucial and restaurateurs may implement myriad promotional activities. Such a situation can lead to unsustainability, especially from the increased online delivery system and parcel service. This paper attempts to showcase the necessity of a sustainable comeback of restaurants and the customers’ perception towards the eco-friendliness of restaurants during the post pandemic period. The respondents’ perception shows a favourable sign for implementing eco-friendly initiatives in the restaurants. The cooperation of all stakeholders and decision-makers is necessary for the successful implementation of green practises. Digitalization, waste reduction, the use of energy-efficient equipment, and the usage of organic food items are some crucial sustainable practises that restaurants may use.
Keywords: pandemic, restaurants, resilience, eco-friendliness, green restaurant patronage
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Environmental Economics, Commerce and Educational Management

Published on : 2023-02-17

Vol : 10
Issue : 2
Month : February
Year : 2023
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