Mr. Chethan R, Ms. S Kavitha
, Dept. of MBA, Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru-560056, Karnataka, India.
Electric vehicles have rapidly gained prominence in the automotive industry, and Ola, a prominent player in the ride-sharing sector, has ventured into the electric vehicle market. The rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive industry has spurred Ola, a leading ride-sharing company, to enter the electric vehicle market. This study investigates customer perceptions of Olas electric vehicles in Nelamangala, a semi-urban town near Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, within the context of an industry undergoing a sustainability transformation. The research aims to uncover factors shaping customer perception, adoption, and expectations regarding Olas EVs, focusing on attitudes, preferences, and concerns of residents. By addressing research gaps specific to semi-urban regions and the Indian market, this study provides valuable insights into the barriers and facilitators of EV adoption, ultimately benefiting Olas strategy refinement and informing policymakers and urban planners in promoting sustainable transportation options. The study seeks to bridge the knowledge gap in a burgeoning field of electric mobility and its adoption, particularly in semi-urban settings.
Keywords: Customer perceptions, Sustainability, Semi-urban, Adoption.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Environmental Economics, Commerce and Educational Management

Published on : 2023-09-12

Vol : 10
Issue : 9
Month : September
Year : 2023
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