Dr. K. Vanaja, Ms. S. Abhinaya
student, Dr. N. G.P. Arts and Science College
Globally the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector is an important constituent of India’s industrial sector. The MSME sector plays a vital role in the growth of our country in creating employment, exports, gross industrial value of output, gross value added, investment in fixed assets, contribution to gross domestic product, and giving energy to manufacture, service and infrastructure sectors. The present paper attempts to contribute new knowledge to the existing literature of MSMEs. This study will be beneficial for entrepreneurs, and other business ventures. The study is based upon the secondary data collected from the literature review on the MSMEs from the last ten year’s Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account of SIDBI. Review of literature revealed that the major problems of MSMEs are how to raise funds from banks and financial institutions particularly timely availability of finance. So, in the absence of adequate credit most of the MSME units depend on personal channel and informal source of finance for their financial requirement. The purpose of this study helps to find how the MSME enterprises are uplifted by the financial institutions. The objectives of the study to assess the performance and growth of MSME sector. As per the study carried out, the researcher becomes aware that the major and significant reason for sickness and closures of the industrial units is because of the financial problems.
Keywords: MSME, SIDBI, Uplift
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Environmental Economics, Commerce and Educational Management

Published on : 2021-08-07

Vol : 8
Issue : 8
Month : August
Year : 2021
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