Tenepalli JaiSai, Sahil Grover, Sachin Ashwath
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Construction Management and Research
The negative environmental implications of real estate projects are one of the industry’s largest challenges. During construction, environmental consequences occur. Many threats to the ecosystem are human made, such as the ones occurring due to construction projects. That’s why this study’s purpose is to determine the country’s biggest environmental impacts. An examination of the literature discovered 28 environmental consequences of real estate construction which are subdivided into three fundamental types of repercussions was cross-sectional surveyed. A total of 48 building specialists were picked at random for questioning. Based on these experts response, the most serious environmental concerns were ranked. The relative importance index was used for ranking the discovered impacts (RII).The study concluded that real estate projects causes dust, social disruption, noise pollution, and energy usage. Construction workers were more prone to lung and organ cancer, hypertension, irritability, and insomnia, as well as other heart-related concerns. Some of the remedial measures to overcome these issues might include requiring institutions to complete environmental impact assessments (EIA). Results of the study can assist decision-makers in identifying significant environmental implications of construction and developing environmentally friendly building plans early on.
Keywords: Environment, Construction, Ecosystem, Pollution, Public Impact
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Environmental Economics, Commerce and Educational Management

Published on : 2022-03-17

Vol : 9
Issue : 3
Month : March
Year : 2022
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