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Enyia, Charles Daniel

Branding as a concept is something that Nigerians are known for. Each producer or marketer would always want to distinguish his product and services from that of others. The concept of branding as a subject matter became very relevant in the 19th century but it is still believed that during the early days, even before Nigeria as a country was formed, Branding had aleardy existed. This study examines the extent to which traditional market days significantly relates with branding strategies in Nigeria. quasi-experimental research design was used for this study and four rural markets were studied and they are; Orie-Umunna Nsulu market and AhiaNkwo in Abia state, Oye-Olisa market in Anambra State and Eke-Onwa market in Imo State. Kandells tab was used in testing our hypothesis because our data was collected in ordinal form (Likert 5 point scale). Our findings show a significant relationship existing between traditional market days and branding strategies. The study further recommends government conscious action on ensuring that made in Nigeria products and services are encouraged and patronized such as the made in Aba shoes and clothing, Innoson Vehicles, etc.

KEYWORDS:  Branding, Traditional, Market, product, Orie-Umunna Nsulu, AhiaNkwo, Oye-Olisa, Eke-Onwa market

Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

Published on :

Vol : 6
Issue : 7
Month : July
Year : 2018
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