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Sanjay Dawn

Banking sector plays a pivotal role in the economic development. In a developing country like India, a strong, efficient and healthy banking system is needed for sustainable economic growth. But from last two decades Non-Performing Assets (NPA) has become a big threat for the banking sector which adversely affects the profitability, liquidity and solvency. This paper is descriptive as well as analytical in nature and completely based on secondary data analysed by using various statistical and accounting tools. UCO Bank was established before the independence of India and has been performed successfully but now facing several problems due to NPA. This paper presents the concept of NPA in banking sector, causes and impact of NPA. This paper also evaluates the performance of UCO Bank with reference to the terrible problem of NPA.

KEYWORDS: Commercial banks, Non-Performing Assets, Gross NPA, Net NPA, Economic growth

Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

Published on :

Vol : 6
Issue : 7
Month : July
Year : 2018
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