Mrs. Shweta Rai

There is no dearth of generous adjectives to describe China-Pakistan bilateral relationship. The ‘all-weather friends’ have also been referred as ‘weatherproof’ partners and ‘iron brothers’. The core of the Sino-Pakistan bilateral relations is strategic. There is hardly any doubt that the relationship is special and strong, however, the rhetoric and limitations of the relationship is also evident. The year 1962 emerged as an anti-climax for the India-China bilateral relations and ushered out the era of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai. India suffered a crushing defeat at the border. This led to the beginning of a dark period for India-China bilateral relationship. Post 1962, China’s South Asia policy was based on a single pillar- its all weather friendship with Pakistan to balance India in South Asia.

KEY WORDS: CPEC, Karakoram corridor, Liberation Army, PLA Doctrine, Terrorism,

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EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

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Vol : 6
Issue : 3
Month : March
Year : 2018
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