Ruby Verma

 This paper provide with the necessary conceptual, and theoretical understanding that is necessary before undertaking any programme for women; Familiarizes the learner with the situation of women in the country and why they need empowerment; helps to understand the concept of empowerment; introduces us to the concepts of feminism, patriarchy, and gender. These concepts are being introduced through already an understanding of these concepts is essential for the analysis of the situation of women in society and the disadvantages they have to live with; This paper (i) Gain an overview of the status of women in society; (ii) Discuss the concept of 'feminism' which stands for awareness of discrimination and conscious action by men and women to transform the present situation; (iii) Discuss the concept of 'gender' as distinct from 'sex' and the responsibilities of the society in defining gender roles and the possibility of changing these roles by social action, as well as the linkage between gender and development; (iv) For the advancement of women in India, and the struggle for improving the status of women; (v) Make familiar with the National Machinery that has been established exclusively to promote the advancement and empowerment of women; (vi) Discuss prepare ourselves to understand and analyse the situation of the women that we will work with and organise into self-help groups in order to empower them financially and socially. 

KEYWORDS: Women empowerment, NABARD SIDBI, SEWA, DISHA, Feminism, gender, sex, Self-Help Group, Patriarchy, NGO, Networks, SWOT, USP

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EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

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Vol : 6
Issue : 3
Month : March
Year : 2018
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