Janak Singh

In the present era, education has become a complex process. Education does not only mean to develop cognitive, effective and psychomotor abilities of students but also it is necessary to develop teaching competency of teachers developing their self-concept. As the society is becoming more progressives, and this transformation has influenced our culture and our education system.  Self-concept is considered to be the most significant factor in human life as everyone is continuously striving towards self-actualization, self-realization, and self enhancement and is constantly wishing to avoid self-condemnation and self-lowering experiences. In every action the self-concept of the teachers determines the reaction. The rapid change in education and technology puts lots of responsibilities on the shoulder of the teachers who are responsible to teach students. Effective teaching requires a large number of skills and the ability to put these skills to use in different situations. An effective teacher inquire into students’ experiences and build an understanding of learners' capacity to analyze what occurs in classrooms and in the lives of their students. A pilot study, which was descriptive in nature, was conducted to know difference of the level of self-concept between male and female teachers of primary schools.   The sample for the present study consisted of 100 (50 male and 50 female) teachers teaching to primary classes in the school located in urban area of district Faridabad of Haryana state. “Self-concept Inventory” developed by Dr. Raj Kumar Saraswat was used for the collection of the data. The findings of the study show that no significant difference was found between self-concept of male and female teachers working in primary schools. Majority of male and female teachers were found under average level of Self-concept. Only few male and female teachers were found under low level of self-concept, this number is the least among all other levels. The number of the male and the female teachers differed almost in every level of self-concept, but this difference is very small.

KEY WORDS: Self-concept, Primary school teachers

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EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

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Vol : 5
Issue : 12
Month : December
Year : 2017
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