Dr. Nagaraj Magadur

Majority of the children comes from the economically poor family. Due to the poverty the parents force the children to go to work in garages. Small scale industries, cleaners. Small motels, etc. This affects the education of the particulars children. As the parents depends child has to full fill the needs of the parents by working without           out rejecting their opinions. Though the Government has banned child labour yet there are many children working for their family benefits. This is major course for the children to drop out from their particulars schools.

The aim of the primary education is to know the basic knowledge for the children It is to know that it is necessary effort to forward in the life.  So, primary education is training to all the children, as it is particular human being. Governments have provided various helpfulness to gain by going to schools. It has given free education for all the children studying between 6-14 years. It is not to shown that Government is helping by providing free education for infants but to bring up all the young ones up and to bring the knowledge of our side world to them. Hence Government has established of outside world free education and provides dresses, books, etc. Even the mid-day meal is also provided to the young ones. It has also provided scholarships for them to come up in education Government is now also providing free cycles for girls of lower caste to solve the problem of traveling longer distances.

“In order to bring these children back to school, the government has taken actions such as (plans) three months special training (school based) with hostel and without hostel facility, Tent schools for migrant children, special schools for child labors, schools for children who are deprived from education in cities and aid for Madarasa Centres, special schools for female children in backward areas. Hostel facilities, Free uniforms, Textbooks, school bags, bicycle, Free afternoon which milk (Kshreera bhagya) etc.,”  

KEYWORDS: children, Hostel facilities, Free uniforms, Textbooks, school bags, bicycle

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EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

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Vol : 5
Issue : 9
Month : September
Year : 2017
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