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Pintu Mahakul

 Growing trends of technological development and comfortable life we observe these days and still we feel there is stress behind us. Many of us complain that there is no happiness in life and clumsiness does not leave us. There is complication in physical health and mental health. Very often we observe that people go in morning walk or evening walk to get relaxation in mind and to achieve good physical fitness. Some say observing nature and getting theme of nature relax mind and due to walking, jogging, running and meeting new people and athletes during such activities improve health, communication skills and give freshness to mind. These activities are definitely beneficial from the points of view of learning and perception. Nature transfers the message of spirituality. Every creature in this Earth gets joy seeing natural beauty. Many things we have to learn from many natural sequences. Spirituality guides us from inside and enriches with values. Value based life is more perceptive towards nature. Management of life requires natural perception and learning. Human resources need good health, wealth, joy and minds to manage life better at home, in workplace and society. Stress makes life clumsy. Stress comes through negative tendencies and goes away leaving bad impressions in mind. But we need to get release from this.  Perceiving nature in ordinary mind fills glitter of happiness that propels away stress far. Reviewing Atharva Veda and the Holy Bible we know the importance of nature is adored in scriptures. All things and all creatures are sources of learning and perception. God is the Super artist who creates nature as very powerful and beautiful controller. All natural processes deeply impact human life. This study is based on natural perceptions of human resources and this focuses on development of new theory for management of life in workplace. This study confirms that there is deep impact of spirituality and nature on human resources in regulating their lives as well as in stress release. This study proceeds primarily with development of Theory of Natural Integrative Perception (TONIP) and with development of Stress in Release (SIR) theory. Both these theories give the final theory of this study known as, “Theory of Natural Integrative Perception of Stress in Release (TONIPOSIR).” Hope this proposed theory will be beneficial to many scholars, managers and authorities regarding studies and handling of organizational stress and its control.

KEYWORDS:  Spirituality, nature, management, perception and theory

Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

Published on :

Vol : 4
Issue : 12
Month : December
Year : 2016
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