Dr. (Mrs.) J. Jaya Lakshmi

Amenities play a major role for satisfying the basic needs of the human beings. Amenities are the keys to understand the quality of life of human beings. They are precisely what make some places attractive for living and working. Amenities are especially essential to all places to make the life of the people as more comfortable.  For better social living facilities, like health care, sanitation, drinking water, education of the children and market are quite indispensable to all. All these facilities have been made available to the villagers as well as to the urban people. In India, nearly 70 per cent of the people belong to rural area. As their earning capacity is meager, their standard of living is in low position. But the extent of utilization of these facilities is deplorably poor in the villages before the formation of the SHGs.  SHGs bring considerable changes in the life style of the people. SHGs increase the earning capacity and meet their basic needs. This leads to improve their standard of living. Hence, this study has been undertaken to study whether the SHGs help to improve the amenities among women. The present study is based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data has been gathered from 300 SHG members residing at Virudhunagar through interview schedule by adopting multistage sampling method. The secondary data has been gathered from books, magazines, journals and websites. The primary data has been analysed with the help of Mc Nemer test.

KEY WORDS: Self Help Groups, Amenities, sanitation, health care, market

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EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

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Vol : 4
Issue : 8
Month : August
Year : 2016
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