Pintu Mahakul

Employees very often report about their anxiety and dissatisfaction due to stress in workplace. Growing rate of modern lifestyle has brought up lots of changes at present. Heavy demands of new inventions have brought up demands of production and due to these many industries are growing. These industries are giving rise to employment. Earning levels are increasing time to time. But still unhappiness is seen among many people.  Along with evolutionary changes stress is gradually growing in life. Workplaces are not at all free from stress. Few employees report that they remain in high stress during their whole working periods. For many this is one unsolved problem. Rising stress does not benefit organizations in any way. Stressed employees do not able to perform well and do not become able to take proper decision. Stress hampers working abilities of employees. So, we look forward for solution to handle stress. But no such satisfactory way we get to reduce stress in day to day life. Only the way we get is workplace spirituality. Modern management in today’s world looks forward for practice of spirituality to balance workforce and to bring mental stabilities in workplaces. This study focuses on workplace spirituality to handle stress very smoothly and improve efficiency among employees both physically and mentally.  Going very deep to this study this is confirm that stress is a real trouble in organizational or personal life. Spirituality encounters mind and filters the unnecessary worries with improvement of strength and stability. Spirituality enhances right action and right decision.  Proposed Spiritual Optic Funnel (SOF) confirms that filtration of mind or personality is necessary in the funnel of spirituality in workplace to eliminate stress time to time. Workplace spirituality smoothly handles stress and brings mental sharpness that holds knowledge and skills. Hope this study will be beneficial for many employees, managers, researchers and people in stress reduction and managing life in workplace.

KEYWORDS: Employees, stress, spirituality, attitudes and skills

Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review(JEBR)

Published on :

Vol : 4
Issue : 6
Month : June
Year : 2016
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