Suzanne Thomas, Shivani Verma
Student, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship
Understanding Facebook and Instagram marketing and the consumer behaviour towards marketing on social media. Facebook started the trend of using its platform for social media marketing for small businesses. Instagram is generally perceived to be a brand engagement than brand awareness medium in this paper we are going to analyse which social media platform between the two is more effective for marketing in India. Though numerous researches have explored Facebook and Twitter users on this context, there is very little research on Instagram & Facebook despite being the emerging visual communication medium. The result of this survey-based research indicates that young users perceive the brand circulated on Instagram as quality, followed by brand loyalty and brand association. The brand awareness had a subtle relationship with overall brand equity, and this result asserts that Instagram is perceived as better of brand engagement tool than brand awareness medium while building brand equity for a product. With the help of this paper the Authors want to establish that Instagram is a better marketing platform for businesses, especially the emerging start-up businesses than Facebook. It helps you create a brand presence and monetise it by creating conversions. OBJECTIVE: To determine which marketing platform between Facebook and Instagram is preferred by the consumers/brands in terms of likelihood to engage with the ad, buy a product, brand awareness and quality.
Keywords: Reach, conversion, cost efficiency, timely factor, value for money, return on investment, cost per click, engagement rate, sponsored ads, brand awareness, brand loyalty.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Studies (EBMS)

Published on : 2023-03-08

Vol : 10
Issue : 3
Month : March
Year : 2023
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