Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
student, North south University
Our Bangladesh education system has been worse after the covid 19 pandemics as today’s world is highly interconnected. The severe risk is the outbreak of this virus is not limited to the national border rather worldwide. It has created extreme unfavorable pressure regardless of education level, gender or income. In this research paper, our main objective was to discover the condition of the Bangladesh education system before and after the pandemic. In our country, after the surge of covid 19, the outcome of the unemployment problem, Cost of education, academic performance, Quality of teaching, has been altered undoubtedly. The data was collected from students of Dhaka and Chittagong cities. In our study, 52% of respondents were male, and 48% were male. The age proportion of the majority of the students (57%) is from 20-30. The education level of 85% of respondents is Graduation and Post-graduation. 48% of respondents are satisfied current education system of Bangladesh, but 40% of respondents are not satisfied as they perceive that the current education system of Bangladesh needs to be changed. Independent variables have been selected for this research. Our prominent was to identify how the variables impacted Bangladesh education system In Chittagong city, 57% of respondents believe that after the COVID pandemic, the Cost of education has been decreased. On the other hand, in Dhaka city, 67% of respondents convince that the Cost of education was declined. In the lockdown period, 50% of students of Chittagong city had spent most of the valuable time developing skills, whereas 34% of students in Dhaka city spent their time developing skills. For descriptive statistics, Bar chart, column chart, pie chart, etc., was used. For inferential statistics, Minitab and Excel were used. All of the three variables are categorical. A Chi-square test was performed to estimate the relationship between variables Bangladesh education systems.
Keywords: Worse, COVID 19 pandemic, Unemployment, Unethical
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Studies (EBMS)

Published on : 2021-08-13

Vol : 8
Issue : 8
Month : August
Year : 2021
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