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Dhanu Prakaash. V, Dr. J. Eugene
Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, CIT Campus, Chennai-600113
The hospitality industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by advancements in modern computing and artificial intelligence. This evolution is characterized by the integration of algorithms to tailor personalized experiences, the utilization of robotics to redefine service delivery, and the strategic leveraging of data to portray an ideal guest profile. Furthermore, emerging trends such as dynamic pricing, customized immersive experiences, and the prospect of seamless visits signify a profound shift towards digitalization within the sector. This outlines the impending paradigm shift in hospitality, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology in reshaping traditional models and setting the stage for a future marked by enhanced guest engagement and operational efficiency.
Keywords: Computers, Hospitality Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Technology
Journal Name :
International Journal of Indian Economic Light(JIEL)

Published on : 2024-03-20

Vol : 12
Issue : 3
Month : March
Year : 2024
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