Ismailov Shohrukhmirzo
Researcher of the Mamun University, Xiva, Uzbekistan
Very few historical sources and archaeological findings of Khorezm from the 10th century have reached our days. The Khorezmshah Mamunids dynasty, which reigned in the Khorezm region during this period, is not only an oasis but one of the dynasties that left an indelible mark in the history of Central Asia. Because, during the period of this dynasty, which ruled for a little time, more than 20 years, the center of knowledge known as Dar al Hikma wal-Maarif was founded. However, no unanimous conclusions have yet been drawn regarding the entry of Khorezmshah Mamunids into the political arena. In addition, there is no clear information about the ethnic group of the Mamunids. In this article, the political events that took place in Khorezm during this period are analyzed with the help of numismatic materials and manuscript sources.
Keywords: Afrighids, Mamunids, Ghaznavids, Samanids, Jurjania, coin, Khorezmshah, emir, viceroy.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Socio-Economic and Environmental Outlook(SEEO)

Published on : 2023-05-17

Vol : 10
Issue : 5
Month : May
Year : 2023
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