Hamdamov Sh.I.
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Based on the degree of development of the problem, the main goal of this study is the specifically disclosed essence and main directions of Uzbekistan’s strategy to reduce the poverty level of the population. In this regard, this study has the following goals: based on a comprehensive analysis of sources, literature and practical experience, to reveal the essence of the problem of poverty, to show the socio-political, spiritual factors and prerequisites, the reasons for its ‘existence in the conditions of sovereign Uzbekistan; to show the influence and social consequences poverty on the deterioration of the living standards of the population of Uzbekistan; to study the place, role and significance of the strategy of the Government of Uzbekistan to reduce poverty of the population of villages and cities of the republic; to find out the nature and characteristics of the level of poverty among various categories of the population of Uzbekistan; to give a comprehensive description of the problem of poverty, to show the patterns and logic of its appearance , scientifically substantiate the main ways and possibilities of the most effective solution. Proceeding from the set goals, in the course of the study, an attempt was made to solve the following tasks: to study the main socio-political factors contributing to an increase in poverty among the population and to show the features of its social consequences on the deterioration of people’s living standards; to generalize and systematize various scientific approaches and methods concerning the impact of the strategy of the Government of Uzbekistan to reduce and overcome poverty among the population of the republic; to give a specific analysis of the program settings of the main political institutions and the state’s concern for raising the standard of living and reducing poverty among the population of Uzbekistan; show objective and subjective difficulties, contradictory and conflict situations in the process of implementing Uzbekistan’s strategy to reduce poverty among the population of the republic.
Keywords: Formation of the national criterion of poverty: specific characteristics, existing experience
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Socio-Economic and Environmental Outlook(SEEO)

Published on : 2021-08-25

Vol : 8
Issue : 8
Month : August
Year : 2021
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