Clement M. Clement, Dr. C. Amah , Prof. C.O. Ofurum
University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
This study investigated the relationship between cost leadership and the organizational success of construction companies in Nigeria. Organizational success was measured using market share, and competitiveness. The cross-sectional form of the quasi-experimental research design was adopted for this work. A population of 1851 (one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one) was obtained. The Krejcie and Morgan sample size determination table was used to arrive at a sample size of 331 (three hundred and thirty-one). The questionnaire was the main instrument for data collection. Construct and convergent validity were carried out and reliability was tested using the Cronbach Alpha test. Hypotheses were tested using Pearson Moment Correlation. Findings revealed a significant relationship between cost leadership and organizational success. The study concluded that cost leadership is key to the success of construction firms given their peculiarities. The study recommended the management of the construction firms in Nigeria should advance policies and functional frameworks that serve to regulate and prioritize their values when it comes to survival and the success of the organization. It also affirms that cost leadership has positive effects on the behavior of the organization and as such contributes substantially to its success. This adds to the body of literature, enriching content on the role of survival strategies and clarifying its implications for organizational outcomes.
Keywords: Cost Leadership, Market Share, Organizational Success, Competitiveness.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Socio-Economic and Environmental Outlook(SEEO)

Published on : 2022-11-10

Vol : 9
Issue : 11
Month : November
Year : 2022
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