Mariel Kristine M. Cortez, Mariz D. Singca, Mary Grace E. Banaag
Teacher III, Don Manuel Rivera Memorial Integrated National High School, Laguna, Philippines
The assessment of students learnings allows the teachers to determine the how well the students learn. Assessment plays a significant role in determining the quality of education. This is particularly so when students are properly assessed using various appropriate methods of assessment. Teachers make records of the learners progress by checking the outputs of every learner. Before, checking the learners output is much easier since learners are also doing it by themselves right after taking the exams, however this is not possible in the current situation. Teachers are now the one doing this task alone making it difficult and quite slow. This study aims to provide teachers with a new way of checking the learners output using the ZipGrade phone application. This software can help in checking multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessments instantly by using Android devices camera as a grading scanner. ZipGrade is a grading app that makes grading effortless while capturing, storing, and reporting with useful data on assessments. The rapid application development will be used in this study. A training workshop for the 15 grade 7 teachers of Don Manuel Rivera Memorial National High School will be conducted in order to give the respondents the knowledge about the benefits of the ZipGrade application and how to use it. The set of data that will be collected from the survey will be tabulated for statistical treatment purposes. It will be analyzed and later be interpreted. The findings of this study will then be used to develop a decision on the implementation of the utilization of ZipGrade in checking students outputs. The wide utilization of this software will truly make teachers work lighter and better and will bring a huge impact to the way teachers get results from the learners outputs, making the process of submitting reports much faster most specially in this time of pandemic where all the tasks are given to the teachers alone without the help of the learners
Keywords: Assessment, checking, output, software, learners, reports
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2023-07-20

Vol : 8
Issue : 7
Month : July
Year : 2023
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