Iroda Nurmanova, Normurot Fayzullaev
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The article first studied the properties of carbon sorbents obtained on the basis of FC modified with acetic acid or hydrogen peroxide as carriers for zinc acetate catalysts of vinyl acetate synthesis. It was found that the adsorption process in modified coal is strongly dependent on the hydrodynamic regimes, the adsorption transfer temperature, the initial salt concentration and the initial value of the pH solution. Adsorption isotherms were obtained on the surface of the modified FC, which belongs to the lengmuir type of adsorption isotherms. On the surface of the modified sorbents (T = 50°C, solution rotation speed 15 + 2 cm / sec, initial values pH = 5.5-6.0 and = 20% mass.) Optimal conditions of zinc acetate immobilization corresponding to catalytic activity were established. The obtained catalysts were studied by small-angle scattering of X-rays, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray microanalysis methods. The aim of the work is to study the texture characteristics of zinc acetate catalyst prepared by soaking in activated carbon in different ways.
Keywords: activated carbon, zinc acetate, surface, Dubinin-Radushkevich equation, vapor adsorption.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2021-10-09

Vol : 6
Issue : 10
Month : October
Year : 2021
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