Indira Khadjieva
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he manuscript aims to investigate the key determinants of the quality of education of upper-secondary schools over the regions of Uzbekistan. Among the 10237 schools operating in Uzbekistan are studied under this project. The dependent variable is quality of education rather than quantity of schooling, while the examined independent variables, which are supposed to have significant influence on the quality of learning outcomes, included the economic and labor conditions in the nation, teacher quality, and context measurements. To accurately evaluate the education quality of the students in public schools, enrolment rate of secondary school students to Universities are employed. The results from the regression analysis revealed that among the eight independent variables tested, only teacher quality measured in terms of Category I teachers, female teachers and poverty had a significant impact on education quality in terms of admission rate to Universities, at a 95 % confidence level. First category teachers and poverty explained 17 % and 38% of the total variances for the admission rate, respectively, while female teachers provided 47 % accurate predictions for the student success to be admitted to their chosen Universities. Thus, they can be judged as the key factors for quality of learning outcomes achieved by higher school students. On the other hand, unemployment, retail turnover per person, industry production and student qualified teacher ratio were unexpectedly found to have no statistically-significant relationship with education quality. Nonetheless, the constructed multiple regression analysis for the admission rate, which comprised all three independent variables, could sufficiently illuminate the students’ achievement up to a 51.9 percent accuracy. The outcomes indicated to conclude both teacher quality and female teachers, and poverty rate can be considered as the key determinants of education quality in Uzbekistan. Therefore, in order to raise the education quality at this stage, education administrators and related parties should primarily focus on improving teacher quality and educating and hiring more female teachers in secondary schools.
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EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2021-12-21

Vol : 6
Issue : 12
Month : December
Year : 2021
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