Rashmi Pathak, Dr Ashok Kumar Mishra
Rashmi - Research Scholar, Dr. Ashok - Associate Professor, Dr .R.M.L Avadh university
In India, Women constitute 48.15% of the total population and the ability of women has not been fully utilized by India due to different reasons viz., social, cultural, educational, political etc. In view of this Indian women’s status is not good as compared to men in respect of power, control over economic resources, wages, education, confidence, economic independence, social security, financial resources, over dependence on creditors to get credit, family ties, gender discrimination, sexual harassment etc . In array to overcome the women’s problems the woman empowerment is essential. As result of this the concept of women empowerment gaining more importance in recent past and women has develop into a socio and economy of nations like India and other developing countries in the world. Women empowerment concerned with giving power, ‘creating power within’ and ‘enabling’ them to contribute something towards family and nation. The women empowerment facilitates to understand their full personality as well as powers in all level of society and life. The women empowerment always provides different powers to “women” such as social recognition, dignity, prosperity, property, value and security. In this article, The basic objectives of the research is to review the socio economic development through micro finance of SHGs members, and to review the factors and impact of self help groups on the socio-economic condition of SHGs women, to review the role of SHGs in empowerment of self help groups member in terms of economic, social and political status.
Keywords: Women empowerment, Microfinance, and SHG
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2022-02-17

Vol : 7
Issue : 2
Month : February
Year : 2022
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