Cibi Chakaravarthi J, Krishnan K, Veeraragavendhira G, Yokesh K, Hemalatha V
The development of a country depends on the village’s development. As part of the smart village concept, we need a system that helps in development of villages in the areas like Primary education, people’s healthcare, Roads and Transportation, Drinking water facilities, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure. This application helps the members to collaborate, plan, assess and implement different activities and learn with others experience/feedbacks and suggestions. Smart Villages’ - the community, individuals and collectively, will be empowered to take smart decisions using smart technologies, communication and innovations. The Partner(s) will be encouraged to bring in innovative ideas, technologies and resources and disseminate information on global and local best practices to facilitate learning and accelerate achievement of the program outcomes. A Smart Village is an urban environment able to actively improve life quality. Smart Village can facilitate life and satisfy the needs of people, companies and organizations, thanks also to the widespread and innovative use of technology, especially concerning communications, mobility, environment and energetic efficiency. The administrative module helps you to customize Search to meet the needs of your users. This module gives information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights. Using this application the user can check the government scheme also. In this project the admin can add and update the government scheme details. The registered user can gets the automatic notification for scheme details. Using this mobile application the user can gets the government scheme details and also user can post any complaint related to government department like electricity, water and transportation.
Keywords: Village Development System, Road recovery, Android Application, Complaints of Villages, electricity .
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2022-06-10

Vol : 7
Issue : 6
Month : June
Year : 2022
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