Madiyorova Valida Quvondiq qizi
tayanch doktorant, Ingliz tilshunosligi kafedrasi, Xorijiy filologiya fakulteti, O�zbekiston Milli, -
This article provides information on the archaisms and their specific features, determining factors and the classification problems related to them. Furthermore, different theories on categorizing the vocabulary of a particular language according to the use of its constituents are explained and difference between archaic words (archaisms) and obsolete words (historisms) are analyzed. Moreover, diverse approaches to the classification of archaic words, their types are presented.
Keywords: archaism, obsolete words, historisms, classification, derived archaisms, lexic archaisms, lexic-phonetic archaisms
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2022-06-14

Vol : 7
Issue : 6
Month : June
Year : 2022
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