Rose Anne N. Calinagan
This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of Passport to Africa and Asia: A Multimodal Texts in Afro-Asian Literature, as instructional material in Literature 8 on the academic performance of select grade 8 students of Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School, School Year 2019-2020. The researcher developed instructional material which validated by five (5) Master Teachers before its evaluation. Seventy-five (75) English Teachers in Cluster 3, Division of Laguna evaluated the material in terms of its characteristics which includes, design, usability, suitability and consistency and its components in terms of objective, content, development and evaluation. Based on the findings of the evaluation, the material in found effective and is extremely acceptable. During the administration of the instructional material, two groups were used, the control group and the experimental group. Both groups consist of forty (40) learners. The sample was purposely chosen by the researcher for her convenience. A quasi-experimental control design was used in this study to determine the effectiveness of a multimodal texts in Afro-Asian Literature for grade 8 in the teaching and learning process. The researcher made used of arithmetic mean and standard deviation to determine the level of acceptability of the developed instructional material. It is also used to identify the level of performance of grade 8 learners through pretest and posttest and to determine the significant difference between the pretests and posttests of the two groups, the T-Test was utilized. The objectives of each lesson presented in the developed instructional material were congruent with its learning competency and content. The utilization of the multimodal texts contributes to an effective learning outcome. The provided tasks in the evaluation or application part were differentiated and based on the multiple intelligence theory and integrated in ICT. It satisfied the needs and interests of learners and improved their talents and skills. The pretest of the control group and experimental group had shown that both had the same knowledge prior to the utilization of the material was found statistically not significant. The academic performance of the control group based on the findings in posttest showed a satisfactory improvement even if not utilizing the multimodal texts, on the other hand the result of the posttest of experimental group which utilized the instructional material was found to be very acceptable which was statistically interpreted as significant. The multimodal text was effective because it helped the learners relate themselves and gave opportunities to improve their talents, skills, and aptitude, with the aid of individual practical exercises which were meant to improve one’s skills at his/her pace.
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Research & Development (IJRD)

Published on : 2022-12-01

Vol : 7
Issue : 11
Month : November
Year : 2022
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