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Vol : 7 , Issue : 5 , Month : May , Year : 2021
Journal Name : EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)
Author names : Otakulov Bahromjon Adhamovich, Solijonov Hojiakbar Solijon o'g’li
Abstract : Composite reinforcement is a reinforcement made of glass or basalt fibers impregnated with a polymer-based binder. There are also options for the production of products from carbon and aramid fibers. Depending on the material used in the production, such reinforcing rods are called glass, basalt or carbon fiber. From the outside, the material of manufacture is very easy to identify: fiberglass reinforcement is light with a yellowish color, basalt and carbon fiber rods are black. Like metal reinforcement, the composite rod has a periodic cut to provide the required working conditions as part of the reinforced concrete structure.
Keywords : Composite reinforcement, polymer, glass fiber, basalt fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber.