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Vol : 7 , Issue : 6 , Month : June , Year : 2021
Journal Name : EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)
Author names : Tanmoy Mandal
Abstract : The focal point of this paper is to highlight the psychological reasons of loneliness of the people who are suffering from the fear of joblessness, homelessness and both physically and mentally ill. The present crises of Covid-19 have created an atmosphere of imprisonment where people try to appease their mind and manage to confine themselves from going outside. The immediate jobless crisis and financial insecurity of the marginal community are the major reasons behind having psychological stress and loneliness. This lockdown session due to covid-19 has enhanced an intolerable and miserable situation where people face the emergency problems of the unavailability of vehicles, ambulance services and doctors in the hospitals. Loneliness and lockdown are closely interrelated because both of these force us to the ground of confinement and social isolation. Loneliness is the state of being disconnected with the society. This confining and darkened state embeds a zone of irremediable singularity that brings a deep psychological impact upon all human beings. By following the qualitative method, this paper also focuses on the probable ways through which people can get some remedy from the suffocating state of stress, stigma and loneliness. Another important thing is that without making any physical communication with friends and outside relatives, we all human beings need to be accompanying ourselves through our hobbies, creative work like singing, dancing, writing stories or diaries etc. Lockdown is supposed to be a battling ground where we all are fighting together with the pain of aloneness against the pandemic disease Covid-19. We should remind this that we feel alone therefore we exist.
Keywords : Pandemic Covid-19, Psychological Stress, Stigma, Loneliness, Isolation, Lockdown and Well-being