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Vol : 7 , Issue : 6 , Month : June , Year : 2021
Journal Name : EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)
Author names : Arcanel F. Perez
Abstract : This study aimed to determine the Disaster Risk Reduction Program of Public High School in Lucban District. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the level of preparedness in the integration of Disaster Risk Reduction in terms of Curriculum content, Orientation, and Drills? 2. What is the level of preparedness in Disaster Management in terms of Responsiveness, Mitigation, and Rehabilitation? 3. Is there a significant effect in the Integration in Education and Disaster Management of the different public secondary schools in Lucban District? The study was limited to the respondents of one hundred (100) Grade 12 students and twenty-eight (28) Grade 12 teachers of different public secondary high schools in Lucban District. The descriptive method of research was used to analyze the data systematically. The research instrument in this study was a questionnaire checklist. It consists of an assessment of disaster risk reduction management in the following aspects: integration of disaster preparedness in education on curriculum content, orientation, and drills. Another set of questionnaires for school disaster management in the following aspects: responsiveness, mitigation, and rehabilitation was utilized. The result of the study shows that there is a strong relationship between the integration of Disaster Preparedness in Education (r=0.800,p=0.000) and disaster management of public secondary schools. Thus, the hypothesis stating that there is no significant effect between the integration of disaster preparedness in Education and Disaster Management of different Public High Schools in Lucban District was rejected. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the integration of disaster preparedness in education as to curriculum content, orientation and drills, and disaster management and responsiveness, mitigation, and rehabilitation is a concern that affects school administration, action, and planning in the school implementation plan. It is recommended that the school head should continue adapting programs for disaster management, an annual implementation plan should review most of the time and a rigorous rehabilitation plan should be implemented to avoid interruption on students learning. Curriculum developers should continue providing the educational system the most updated instructional material related to disaster preparedness for the most comprehensive and reliable teaching reference. Teachers must abreast their knowledge and capability in disaster preparedness and mitigation to impart active and continuous learning. If necessary attend seminars or webinars in disaster-related courses. Schools may intensify the DRRM through SLAC (School Learning Action Cell). The LGU (Local Government Unit) may strengthen its partnership with other external stakeholders and other agencies for the support and technical assistance that will provide the school comprehensive background in disaster management.
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