IJMR-About The Journal
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR) is a monthly international, peer-reviewed online journal published in English. The journal's publisher is EPRA Journals.SJIF Impact Factor(2021) is 8.047 & ISI:1.188,Journal DOI:10.36713/epra2013. The key aim of the journal is to study, publish and reveal the scientific research findings for the scholars to India as well as to the world. The Journal invites Unique, Unpublished research, review papers in multi-subject areas. 
Journal DOI:10.36713/epra2013  
SJIF Impact Factor(2021) : 8.047 SJIF Certificate(2021) 
ISI I.F Value (2019) : 1.188
SJIF Impact Factor (2020):7.032
SJIF Impact Factor (2019): 5.614
SJIF Impact Factor (2018): 5.148 
SJIF Impact Factor (2017): 4.924    
SJIF Impact Factor (2016): 3.967  
SJIF Impact Factor (2015): 3.395 
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