Dr. Sitaram Uttamrao Anpat
Head, Department of Economics, C.J. Patel College, Tirora, Dist Gondia, Maharashtra, India
In this present study to analysis of agricultural productivity of Gondia district in Maharashtra state. Vidharbha region, Maharashtra has been selected as an area unit of investigation. Agriculture is the principal occupation and more than 80% of the total population depends on it as a way of living. For the smooth development of agriculture and high yielding of crop needs of labours are being felt time to time. Though, many modern agricultural tools or equipments are available in the modern era, but still for the operating skilled persons are required. But, nowadays interest on working in the field is declining. Labours are moving towards the cities in search of jobs which can give them huge wages. In order to examine its impact on agriculture, the Gondia district can be taken up as an ideal unit of investigation. The agriculture operations and the agro-ecological conditions of the district are congenial both for the production of crops and human occupation
Keywords: Agriculture productivity, technological advancement, cropping pattern, Irrigation
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2024-02-24

Vol : 10
Issue : 2
Month : February
Year : 2024
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