Wendell A. Tumbagahan
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The main goal of this study was to examine effectiveness of the contextualized module in laguna festival dances in enhancing student learning competencies and performance. Particularly, this would determine the level of validity of the component and features of the contextualized module in festival dances. Also, this would like to identify the student’s learning competencies and performance. Moreover, it sought to prove the significant differences on student’s performance in formative and summative as well as the effect of component and features of festival dances on student’s competencies. This study used a descriptive method in collecting and gathering data. To gather data, the researcher utilized a self-made questionnaire and served as the primary tool distributed among 80 Grade 7 students. Statistical analyses included calculating the mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage, t-test and Pearson correlation coefficient to assess hypotheses. From the data analysis of the study, it was found that the physical education students perceived the components of contextualized module in festival dances was very high. Also, students perceived the features of module in festival dances as very high and the students rated very high in level of student’s learning competencies. The students showed fairy satisfactory on their level of performance in terms formative while the students showed excellent performance on their summative assessment. Moreover, it was evident that the student’s performance showed significant difference from formative evaluation to summative evaluations. the objectives contextualized learning module showed importance in shaping two of the student’s competency namely cultural empathy and sensitivity as well as well as the cross-cultural collaboration while the majority of the components and features showed no significant. Based on the research finding, it can be concluded that the performance of student’s showed significant differences between formative and summative test results thus signified the rejection of hypothesis as the student’s performance in written examination increased after being exposed in the curriculum delivery through the utilization of contextualized module. The contextualized module showed no significant effects of variables. Since majority of the variables of the components and features of contextualized modules showed no significant effect in student competency thus signified acceptance of the hypothesis. The students enhanced their positive attitude in consideration of other’s ideas, opinion, and practices as they shared expertise in their academic requirement upon understanding the lesson goals and outcome of the discussion. The following recommendations were forwarded: The school may utilize the contextualized module and may practice the use of formative and summative assessment constantly. Also, The teachers may design contextualized learning module, design culminating activities and expose learners to different contextualized learning materials to maintain excellent performance in physical education. The future researchers are advised to study more cultural dances in the different municipality of laguna and its effects to student’s holistic development.
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EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

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Vol : 10
Issue : 6
Month : June
Year : 2024
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