Ankit Kumar Saini ,Avneesh Yadav,Harshit Garg, Utsav Chhaparia
Student, Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology
This Paper discuss about the benefits of Blood Donation and its Management which is a major concern for all the health workers and blood recipients and thus this project helps in improving communication between the blood donors and people in need of blood ultimately providing an extra hand to all the health care workers and removing communication gap. The blood management system offers functionalities to quickly access the donor and blood recipients records collected from various parts of the country and to monitor the performance and blood donation activities such as a minimum three months gap to be maintained after the donation of blood and also if there is change in location of any of the user i.e. the donor or receiver shifts to new place then the location of the new place will be updated in the database automatically. It is a Web-based Application through which Registered Hospitals and Recipients can check the availability of required Blood and can send Requests for blood to the nearest blood bank or the donor with the same blood type and can be ordered online as and when required. In this, Blood Banks can also send the request to donors and other banks for blood. It is also having a communication system for donor and receiver.
Keywords: Dynamic Location Updation, Blood Management, Geo plug-in API, IP Address
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2021-06-16

Vol : 7
Issue : 6
Month : June
Year : 2021
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