Yousef Mahmoud Kayed
nothing, Ismailia STEM high school
Bad information spreading is one of the biggest problems that the world faces. For example, at this time, lousy information is spreading about covid-19 vaccines, but it is the key to end pandemic; it is the analogy that All of the people think that all viruses are harmful and if they heard word virus they become too scarry, but this something is false. So this paper aims to analyze this problem by showing the harmful viruses that infecting us and it is the mechanism in addition to the good viruses that do not infect us but help us to live, and it is the mechanism, discuss specific topics that support the idea to make them get the conclusion before they read it.
Keywords: Viruses, Cute Viruses, Bad Viruses
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2021-08-12

Vol : 7
Issue : 8
Month : August
Year : 2021
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