Dr .Seema Yadav, Dr .Gayathri Bhat N V
Post graduation scholar , SDM College of Ayurveda and hospital
INTRODUCTION-Infertility is defined as a failure to conceive within one or more years of regular unprotected coitus.Poly cystic ovarian syndrome is a metabolic disorder affecting the females of active reproductive age group. The syndrome has been much debated in present day due to its complicity .This condition has key features like menstrual disturbances mainly oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea, hyperandrogenism, obesity and infertility and in long term even leads to endometrial carcinoma. The well accepted ovulation induction drugs have side effects and have limited use. Metabolic disturbances and menstrual disorders specifically anovulation is the result of kapha predominant diseases condition.Vamana one among the shodhana adopted to normalise the aggravated kapha there by stimulating ovulation hence in these cases vamana and Kanchnara Guggulu as samana aushdhi considered in the management of infertility due to anovulation with PCOS. METHODOLOGY-Three female who were anxious to conceive and diagnosed with PCOS were selected and all the three subjects were having menstrual irregularities and follicular study revealed anovulation. Depana pachana was given with Panchkola phanta 50ml TID before food for 3 days.From 4th day snehpana was given with Varunadi ghrutha started with 30ml (hrisva dose) in aarohana karma till samyakasnehana lakshana achieved. Vamana was done after a day of vishrama kala followed by kaphoutkleshkara aahara. All three had Pravara vega hence 5 days samshrana karma was advised and after noral diet was started kanchnara guggulu 250mg in BD dose for consecutive 2 cycles. RESULT- The size of the cysts decreased remarkably in all cases and they conceived after 1-2 months of completion of the treatment DISCUSSION -Anovulation is considered as Nastartva which is the main feature of PCOS. Kaphavruta Apanavata is the main pathology in Nastartva. Kapha aavarana was relieved by vamana so that function of Vata and Pitta was regularised. Kanchnara guggulu helps in granthi vilyana and help in regularise the menstruation.
Keywords: PCOS, Infertility, Avarana, Granthi vilyana , Artavkshaya, Nasthartava .
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2021-10-20

Vol : 7
Issue : 10
Month : October
Year : 2021
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