Iffath Unnisa Begum, Amtul Wahab
Lecturer in Commerce, Indira Priyadarshini Govt Degree College for Women , Nampally ,Hyd
Advertising can be considered as the successful resource which is a combination of different techniques that could be used for the purpose of promoting products and services of a company. The brand image and brand awareness can be created by using the advertisements. Nowadays, in this competitive market for getting competitive advantages among their competitors many companies are using advertisements as their major marketing campaigns. In order to perform their advertisements, companies are trying to make use of advertising agencies through which they are trying to design their advertisements efficiently to attract the customers. Especially advertising agencies are happened to be important resources within the advertising field and they are playing important role in supporting the companies with their effective advertising designs and campaigns. Advertising agencies are the group of people who has experienced talented and skilled individuals capable of making efficient advertisements on behalf of companies in order to succeed themselves in the market place. An overview is given of the short history and rapid rise of medical tourism, its documentation, and current knowledge and analysis of the industry. Definitions of medical tourism are limited hence who medical tourists are and how many exist are both indeterminate and inflated. Definitions often conflate medical tourism, health tourism and medical travel, and are further complicated by the variable significance of motivation, procedures and tourism. While media coverage suggests long-distance travel for surgical procedures, and the dominance of middle class European patients, much medical tourism is across nearby borders and from diasporas, and of limited medical gravity, conflicting with popular assumptions. Numbers are usually substantially less than industry and media estimates. Data must remain subject to critical scrutiny. Medical travel may be a better form of overall categorization with medical tourism a sub-category where ‘patient-tourists’ move through their own volition. Opportunities are diffused by word of mouth with the internet of secondary value. Quality and availability of care are key influences on medical tourism behavior, alongside economic and cultural factors. More analysis is needed of the rationale for travel, the behaviour of medical tourists, the economic and social impact of medical tourism, the role of intermediaries, the place of medical tourism within tourism (linkages with hotels, airlines, travel agents), ethical concerns and global health restructuring. Interpersonal influence and word-of-mouth
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2022-09-03

Vol : 8
Issue : 9
Month : September
Year : 2022
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