Abbey Obelley Ejire, Edet Clement K , Ordinioha Best
-, University of Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria
Background: Workplace Violence (WPV) is commonest in the health sector globally and this constitutes a great hazard especially for primary healthcare workers (PHCW). Yet not much studies have been carried out in this area for PHCWs in the Niger Delta region especially in Port Harcourt City and Rivers State Nigeria. Method: Descriptive cross-sectional study. The study population was 230 PHCWs (doctors, nurses, Community health extension workers). The sample size of 95 workers was determined using Cochran’s formula. Respondents were randomly selected through a multi-staged sampling method. A standardized questionnaire adapted from “Workplace Violence in the health sector” (WHO, ILO, PSI) was self-administered to the 105 respondents (10 extra respondents for non-response). Result: The result showed a response rate of 90.5%; Cronbach’s Alpha co-efficient of 0.84 (good internal consistency). Respondents were aged of 19 - 60 years old. Mean age was 42 years. Majority of the respondents (80%) were females. Most (75.6%) of them were married. The prevalence of WPV was 28.4%. There was no statistical significance between the age (p = 0.086), and sex (p = 0.361) and prevalence, but there was between professional cadre (p = 0.041) and most of the nurses experienced WPV during the period under study. Conclusion: In conclusion, healthcare workers in Port Harcourt City are experiencing WPV. This finding should be of great concern for authorities, healthcare worker and the public. It is recommended that the Rivers State Ministry of Health should educate/risk communicate to workers, patients/relative and sensitize the public in order to mitigate its occurrence.
Keywords: Violence, workplace, healthcare worker
Journal Name :
EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)

Published on : 2022-11-08

Vol : 8
Issue : 11
Month : November
Year : 2022
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