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  • EPRA indicates EPRA Journals    
  • Author means main author in the article.
  • Co-Author indicates additional authors in the article   
  • Submitted author indicates paper submitted author 
  • Pay Author remarks that pay the publication fee in the article authors list    
  • Publication means article publication
  • Publication Fee is a charge for publishing their article in any of our journals.   
  • Copy Right indicates EPRA Journals Copy Right form


  • We won't give Hardcopy of the certificate and published article to online edition paid authors
  • Publication fee is required after acceptance of paper (Formalities Pending Status). Before payment is not accepted. We are not responsible (if Rejected ) for paying at the Paper status of Under Review/Pending to Review/ Revision Status. No refund to these issues
  • Once the paper published effectively then EPRA Journals not acknowledge any solicitation identified with changes of paper content or Authors Details.
  • The EPRA reserves the right to make changes whether stylistic, grammatical, delete, rewrite sentences and paragraphs of the paper as deemed necessary.
  • The decision on who to include as a co-author main author should be discussed and got the permission upon prior to article submission.   
  • EPRA Journals consider author names in the article are got the permission from respective authors by the submitted author.   
  • If corresponding author wants to remove any one Co-author name from their submitted article. He/she must communicate the editor or chief editor before 15 days from publication date.    
  • EPRA journals will not consider any paper or component of a paper that has been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.    
  • Authors are exclusively responsible for the statements and opinions advanced by them.
  • Publication fee will pay only after the paper acceptance confirmation mail from editor or chief editor,   
  • We never accept prior fee payment,   
  • Any one Author in the paper must sign the Copy Right form (available in the Website) during your payment through email or website. The forms may be uploaded through website or e-mail, or speed/registered post to the Editorial Office.   
  • We never tolerate plagiarism. In case any article is found to be plagiarised before publication, we immediately reject the article and blacklist their name. Even after publication if any article found plagiarised or reported by anybody with proper evidence. We will REMOVE the article without any notice to the corresponding author.   
  • If any queries or infringement occurs, subject to Tiruchirapalli jurisdiction.
Disclaimer About Indexing
 We submit all published articles to the Indexing sites. Article Indexing depends entirely on the article's content, Indexing site guidelines and their indexing procedure. Sometimes Indexing can happen immediately and sometimes it takes time. The publication with EPRA Journal certainly does not guarantee that the article will be included on the indexing websites.
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