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Refund Policy


  • If editor or chief editor find out particular paper is not suitable for publication in later stage i.e after acceptance & before publication, we will refund the entire fee into the same paid author account. It will be credited within 7-15 working days.
  • Publication fee is required after acceptance of paper (Formalities Pending Status). Before payment is not accepted. We are not responsible (if Rejected ) for paying at the Paper status of Under Review/Pending to Review/ Revision Status. No refund to these issues
  • Refund also available when we delay the publication in more than 15 days from said publication date of the journal.This is applicable to Accepted & Paid papers only.
  • There is no refund after the Acceptance Certificate is issued
  • There are no refunds or cancellation of publication if the author voluntarily withdraws his/ her paper after the publication fee payment.
  • There is no refunds to plagiarism complaints/copy right complaints.
  • There is no refund for indexing issues like Google Scholar, Google etc.
  • There is no refund if unsatisfied after publication
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